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SLV Learn 2012

In late 2012, I was invited to speak at the State Library of Victoria’s Learn Conference. there is a brief summary below and a link to my slide presentation.

Turning the Corner: From Cybersafety to Digital Citizenship

School communities are dealing with increasing reports of cyberbullying and online safety issues, with increased media coverage, conflicting information and statistics sometimes clouding the issue of best practice. Teacher Librarian and internet advocate, Catherine Hainstock, was recently invited to attend the National Cyber-safety Summit in Canberra with two students and their parents. In this session she shares what she learnt at the summit along with some of her school’s steps, strategies and plans to educate the school community about digital citizenship now and in the future.


e5: Apps for iPad

In response to the school’s focus on the e5 instructional model and the introduction of the iPad program I created an e5 iPad apps chart to assist teachers in embedding the technology into their classroom and assessment practices. I was invited to share it on Bright Ideas and since then it has circulated extensively online.

e5: Apps for iPads


FYI: Growing Personal Learning Environments

In 2012 I was approached by the editor of SLAV’s professional magazine to write an article. At the time we were piloting a Personal Learning Environment program for the senior school and I wrote about the experience. It can be accessed via the link below.

FYI: Summer 2012 – Feature Article


LinksPlus: Promote Reading: Activities and strategies to motivate reading

Pledger Publishing put out a call for articles in late 2011 for a new publication of ideas promoting reading in schools. I had two articles published in the book.

Promote Reading: Activities and strategies to motivate reading


Technical Writing, HarperCollins Publishers Australia

In 2011, I started writing teacher’s notes for YA and Children’s fiction. I began incorporating National Curriculum connections in the notes for novels. I am hoping that this will make them more helpful to teachers coming to grips with the new curriculum.

Link to teaching notes  for James Moloney’s Silvermay (2011)

Link to teaching notes  for Jackie French & Bruce Whatley”s Christmas Wombat (2011)

Link to teaching notes for Colin Thompson & Sarah Davis’s Fearless in Love (2012)

Link to teaching notes for Pamela Rushby’s The Horses Didn’t Come Home (2012)


SCIS Connections

In 2010, I was invited to contribute an article to Education Services Australia’s professional magazine, SCIS Connections. It was published as the feature article of Issue 74  (Term 3). You can read the full article by clicking on the link below.

SCIS: Taking the Driver’s Seat: Initiating change toward an information literate school community


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